Call of the European Education Network: Support the migrants’ struggle on the 1st of March


We, the people who met in Berlin on the 29th of January in the European Education network, are supporting the initiative “1st of March 2010: 24 hours without us”, for the right to free movement and against exploitation and racism, which started in France, Italy, Greece and Spain and which we hope will spread to many other European countries. The initiative aims to prove that a multicultural society is a reality that will not be wished away by scaremongering media or repressive laws and that we need to stand all together so that equal rights and equal dignity is guaranteed for all, regardless of gender, ethnicity or provenance.

Children from migrant backgrounds are now present at all educational levels of all the European countries and we want to support to the 1st of March initiative as workers of the education sector by launching the idea of organizing on the same date, in all European schools and universities, activities that will centre on the issue of migration. We call on teachers, lecturers, students and all the people involved in education to organize a variety of activities (e.g. watching documentaries and films, listening to world music, painting, discussing, investigating, producing all kind of materials in imaginative and novel ways) that focus on the idea of the right to free movement for all; on the value of differences of culture, ethnicity, gender and language; on the right to education for all the children all over the world and wherever they come from.

We, the people working in the European Education Network will be very happy to collect any ideas and the information about what you are planning to do to show your support to all migrants in Europe on March the 1st.

Please send an email to if you are going to work on this idea in your school/University/ course with a brief presentation of the work you intend to do.

Another Education is Possible!